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 Volleyball is a popular team sport that is played by using a net and a ball.  There are two teams on either side of the net that divides the court from the center.  The game involves hitting the ball with the fist across the net to the other team’s court, and the other team hitting it back across the net within bounds.  The ball has to be hit across the net within three tries, ensuring that the ball does not hit the ground. 

Volleyball has been originally created by William Morgan in 1985, a director at YMCA.  In fact, he was trying to emerge with a different game, much like basketball, but less strenuous and volleyball was the output of his inventiveness.  Not to add, the rules of volleyball are different from the original game, but the game nonetheless was quite a hit at YMCA.  The person who is credited for giving the name ‘volleyball’ is Alfred Halstead who came up with it owing to the volleying nature of the game.  Volleyball was officially entered the Olympics in 1964 where the USSR bagged the first gold for the men’s volleyball team while Japan bagged it for its women’s volleyball team. 

Volleyball came to India through Physical Education trainers around seventy years ago.  It gained popularity quite rapidly owing to its affordability and interest factor.   Eventually, in 1951, the Volleyball Federation of India was established, the only controlling authority of the sport in India.  Volleyball has garnered a lot of popularity in both the urban and rural areas. 

There are several successful Indian volleyball stars that have shone on the court such as Jimmy George, Ballu, Sukhpal, Cyril Vellore, Udaykumar among many others.

 What is Volleyball?

Volleyball is played by two teams that has six players each. It is a sport that needs minimal equipment and is both an indoors and outdoors sport.  The court is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide and is divided into two equal sides with an official net height which stands 8 ft/2.43 meters above the ground level in case of men’s tournaments and 7.4 ft/2.24meters in the case of women’s tournaments and is variable in other cases for younger or older players.

 In volleyball, the players use their hands/fists to bat the ball across the high net in an attempt to make the ball touch the playing area of the opponent.  The opposing team players try their best to bat the ball and keep it from touching the surface of the court by touching the ball three times before it is finally batted across to the other side of the net.

In India, there are two volleyball teams- the Men’s Volleyball Team and the Women’s Volleyball Team, that both are national teams.  The Volleyball Federation of India is what organises the volleyball tournaments in schools, colleges as well as at state-level and international levels.  Some of the popular volleyball championships include Indian Volley League, South Asian Federation Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and FIVB World Championship.

There is also a volleyball league in India – the Indian Volley League- where six teams play in four round robin format at four venues, namely Yanam, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.  The six teams are from Chennai, Hyderabad, Yanam and Mumbai with two state teams from Kerala and Karnataka respectively.

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